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TKDAA™ 2018 Questions?  We’ve got the Answers!

1                    When does registration begin and how soon must I register? Early "Sneak Peek" Registration begins June 1, 2017 (for those that prepaid a $100 fee by March 15, 2017). General Registration ‘officially’ begins June 15, 2017, as this is the date that has been set for the debut of the Teachers’ Offerings and the Gala Events.  We will ask you to name your top three favorite selections for each day that you wish to attend.

2                    How do I determine how much the TKDAA™ conference will cost? Below is an overview to help give you a general idea of how much your registration might cost.

5 Day Conference Package: $695. per person - Cost includes classes Feb 6-10, 2017; 5 full days with 30 hours instruction, Daily Lunch Buffet, Lecture/Dessert Social, Farewell Dinner, Registration and gifts, Unique TKDAA™ Jewelry Pin and/or date bar. You will be automatically registered for a drawing for a special Gift Basket valued at $150.

One Day Class – $120. per person - Cost includes Lunch BuffetOne Day class with 6 hours instruction, Registration and Gifts, Unique TKDAA™ Jewelry Pin and/or date bar.

Two Day Class – $240.  per person - Cost includes Lunch Buffet,Two Day class with 12 hours instruction, Registration and Gifts, Unique TKDAA™ Jewelry Pin and/or date bar.

(Registration and gifts, Unique TKDAA™ Jewelry Pin and/or date bar are one per person, no matter how many classes you sign up for). Hotel room block will be available and is a separate charge.

3                    Who do I call to make my hotel reservations, or change my arrival or departure dates? You will be contacting Reservations at Renaissance Dallas Richardson Hotel, Richardson,Texas directly to make your hotel reservations. They are set up to take our room block reservations in June 2017. This information will be given to you in your registration packet, as well.The group has a special reservation link which you will use to obtain the TKDAA™ 2018 rates, directly through them only. Attendees will be able to make reservations online or by calling the reservation number: 972-367-2000. However, it is highly recommended that if you have any special needs or requests that you forgo the online reservation page and call the hotel directly.  Possible special requests may include: Handicap Needs, Adjoining or Connecting Rooms, Suites.

Guest Room: 1 King or Double/Double Conference Code: (to be updated)    $135 per room - Standard King or Double/Double Guest Room (for 1-4 guests) These conference rates are available between 2/3/2018 and 2/13/2018.  Suites are available at normal rates. For more details about rooms and services offered visit Renaissance Dallas Richardson Hotels 900 E Lookout Dr Richardson, Texas 75082 972-367-2000

4                    Can I fax you my registration? We are not accepting registrations by Fax at this time.

5                    Do you take credit cards for payment? Email your registration form completely filled out and include your full credit card information as an attachment. This process will charge you 4.0% on each transaction. We will confirm receipt by email. Please email completed registration to: ( SampleTransaction:  $250 Deposit for Registration x 4.0% = $10.00   $250 +$10.00 = $260.00 total payment)*** We encourage you to send your completed registration by email to “pencil in” your requests, then pay by Money Order or check through mail to forego the 4% fee.

 6                    Can I reserve my space over the phone and then overnight you my registration/deposit?Although we are happy to accept internet reservations, email reservations (with credit card information attached) and overnight or priority mail registrations, we discourage phone reservations unless you must.  You may call to give us requests but your reservation is not held until payment received. All classes are filled on a ‘first-come, first-serve’ basis.  Please note deposits required before a registration will be accepted:  $50 Deposit for EACH One Day, $100 Deposit for EACH Two Day Class, $250 for 5 day Event

7                    When is the final registration payment due?  Payment must be received ‘in full’ by November 1, 2017. Payments that are not received by that date will result in the removal of a registrant's name from TKDAA™ Registration List, and the student's deposit being forfeited. If you would like to set up a payment plan of 1-3 payments, please email us.

8                    Will students who stay on site for lodging have class selection preference over those that stay off site?  All registered students receive the same consideration when it comes to class assignments. There is no distinction between those that stay on site and those that stay off site. Each type of registration is handled the same way - carefully processed in order based on receipt and deposit payment. We hope that you will stay onsite at Renaissance Dallas Richardson Hotel to take advantage of the convenience and of course the beautiful and relaxing venue. While not required to stay here, your use of our room block allows us to have the classrooms and event rooms available for the conference. We give you a conference with everything you could possibly need or want, all in one location or very close by!

9                    Why do I have to pick 3 choices for a class? We try to place you in your first choice, but this may not always be possible. Since our teachers are in high demand, we feel that whether you receive your first choice, or your third choice, you will be pleased with your class. A careful record is kept of the selections of each attendee so that should a class open up, they can be moved to a preferred class. All classes are filled on a ‘first-come, first-serve’ basis. We will add your name to a waiting list, if preferred.

10               When will I know which classes I have?  Registration begins in June, 2017 and class confirmations will be confirmed in August.  

11               If I have to cancel my registration for health, family or other unfortunate reason, what is the policy? Cancellations are sometimes a necessity. The financial contract commitments are based on your commitment to come. Because of this, we strongly encourage the purchase of private Cancellation and Travel Insurance. TKDAA™ does not offer a cancellation or travel insurance policy!  No refunds will be provided after November 12, 2017; submit claims to your private insurance carrier. Reservations must be canceled in writing and can be accepted via email. All canceled reservations incur the following charges, which are held back from any registration refund due:  Before 9/1/2017 - $50, Between 9/1/2017 to 10/15/2017 - $100, Between 10/15/2017 to 11/12/2017 - $250, After 11/12/2017 - No refunds are available due to housing and teacher contracts. If you are unable to attend due to illness or family emergency, you may transfer your registration to another person, or enter a claim to your private Cancellation and Travel Insurer. There will be a $50 transfer fee payable to the Academy.  Although it is the responsibility of the canceling party to find a replacement person, we will be happy to help, if time permits, to find a replacement person for a slot should a cancellation become necessary

12              Can I take just a One Day class or attend just a Gala Event? Yes!  We welcome you to come for all classes and events or just one, whatever the case may be.

13               When will the TKDAA™ brochure be posted on the web site? A good faith effort is being made to post the Class Offerings and Events by June 1, 2017. Sneak Peek Registration (for prepaid March 15, 2017 deposits) begins June 1, 2017, General registration begins June 15, 2017. For those that request to be placed on the newsletter list for notification, an email will be sent out making the announcement that information is ready to be viewed. Please check back often: and we are on Facebook:

14               How does the conference work? Our Registration desk, separate from the hotel desk, officially opens as early as 4:00 pm at the Renaissance Dallas Richardson Hotel for the TKDAA™ Conference on Monday, Feb 5, 2018. Classes start at 9:00 am on Tuesday - Saturday, ending at 5:00 pm each day. You will be given a schedule of events with registration.

15        Will I be with more than one teacher? 
The conference is designed so that you can take One Day or Two Day Classes. Each daily class is 6 hours and so if you attend for 5 days and take classes each day, you will have 30 hours of instruction! It is possible to take classes from five different teachers if you wish. What a great way to experience different projects, techniques, and teachers. We are pleased that all of our classes have extended two hour breaks, which allow you to shop with Vendors and enjoy the daily Lunch Buffet included in your class registration!

16               How do I pick a class that is right for me?  We can help you pick classes by giving you the ability level at the end of each class description: Beginner, Confident Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.  Our teachers will strive to help you become better in color, design, and techniques.  Whether you come to “meet and learn from a special teacher," “love the pattern,” or “expand your horizons,” we think you will be pleased with whichever class you choose, if you keep in mind the suggested skill levels.  However, don't be afraid to challenge yourself - You are with us to learn! Because the conference is designed for all levels of students, the fact that you are inexperienced should not stop you from coming to learn. This is an education academy and beginners are welcome. Just look at the skill difficulty of the teachers’ offerings as a guide and this should help you to select your choices. 

17               Do I have to bring my own sewing machine if I am taking a machine class? At TKDAA™, there is an excellent group of machine applique teachers and machines will be available in the classroom.  We will advise you of the details should you select one of these teachers’ offerings.  This is to help our attendees arriving by plane not to have to travel with their machines.

18               How many students are in a class? Classes are set for 20 people.  Conference rooms are different sizes and so too, are our classes. We will try hard to keep all classroom settings to a comfortable learning atmosphere size.

19               I am thinking of attending TKDAA™ alone – will many people do this? Please don’t miss this event because you are coming alone! This is where beautiful friendships and memories will be made. We will help to place you with another attendee that may be traveling alone, if you wish to share the cost of the hotel room and a match can be made. Of course, single rooms are available. We are not able to help you with other hotel arrangements because we have a contractual Room Block to meet with the Renaissance Dallas Richardson.  Local attendees often stay and make it a true retreat with friends, so they may enjoy the after class and evening fun. We sincerely thank you for supporting us by staying at the onsite location.

20               When and how will we receive our supply lists? Supply lists will be posted on our website:  for the June 1st, 2017 date, unless specified by the teacher, to be sent with registration packet. You can elect to print them off if you want, or you may request the supply list sent to you with your confirmation, for a small fee.

21               How do I get from the airport (train station) to the Renaissance Dallas Richardson Hotel? All Attendees will receive travel info with registration. Our hotel venue is located just 17 miles from Dallas Love Field Airport and Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is just 24 miles. Dallas is also an Amtrak hub. Ground transportation to Renaissance Dallas Richardson Hotel is widely available with the various taxis and Super Shuttle. 

22               What types of restaurants are available close to the hotel? There is a great array of restaurants and shopping located right in the immediate hotel vicinity. A free hotel shuttle is available for local area drop off and pick up. Please visit to disover Richardson, Texas and to see a list and link to restaurants' menus and offerings. And don’t forget that the Renaissance has a fabulous dining facility, coffee house and lounge!

23              Is there a dress code for the various Academy events? No dress code required at any of the classes or events. Come for a relaxed, casual and comfy atmosphere! Don’t forget fun Pajamas and slippers for late night stitching parties. Denim is cocktail wear in Texas!

24               What will the weather be like in February? While we never know what ‘Old Man Winter’ might think of next, the average temperatures in the Dallas area for February 6-10 is in the mid 50’s. We can’t lock that in so be prepared with a jacket, sweater and rain gear if you want.  Because all the classes are in the hotel conference rooms, there will be very little need to be outside should the weather play tricks on us.

 We are hoping that you might be able to join us for The Kathy Dunigan Academy of Applique™ on February 6-10, 2018.  Please let us know if you have more questions!