#406 - Main Conference Class - Victorian Wreath Of Wildflowers Wallhanging

By: Cindy Oravecz

A Three-Dimensional Album Block

            Hand sew fabric and ribbon into colorful wildflowers that will bloom on a Victorian wreath for your choice of either a 12 inch or 16 inch album block. This block can be part of an album quilt or framed with a dimensional border. For the border, silk bias cut ribbon will form roses with silk cord vines and gathered ribbon leaves.

            Each student’s wreath will have its own look and color as we study the principals of good design and color decisions. Students will build the color of their wreath and choose ribbon kit colors in class. 

Dimensional wildflowers will include Verbena, Milkwort, Prairie Acacia, Camilla and Hepatica. Many leaves from fabric and ribbon will be created including circular, heart, quick pointed leaves, velvet and broderie perse. Techniques studied will include fringing, zig zag ruching, u-gather ruching, beading, couching, shirring and needleturn applique.

Additional dimensional flowers including pansy, fuchsia, bleeding heart, canterbury bells and bluebells will be learned in class for use as embellishments on other album blocks, crazy quilts and clothing.            

Kit Fee: $20

  • 1 ½ yards of hand-dyed silk satin cording
  • 2 yards of 5/8-inch wide French wire ribbon
  • 30 inches of 7mm silk ribbon
  • 21 inches of bias cut silk ribbon
  • 13 pre-cut 1 inch fabric squares
  • ½-inch wide fabric strips pre-cut on grain
  • Fabric for bell flowers
  • 1/8 yard fabric printed with leaves for broderie perse
  • Crinoline
  • 3 hand needles.

Everyone will learn the rose and 3 leaves for the border cost $3.40. Discounted Kit fee for Optional Complete Rose & Vine Border: $30 includes 3 yards of silk satin cording and 7 yards of 1 ½-inch wide bias cut silk ribbon for 8 roses and 2 ½ yards of 1/1/2-inch wide French wire ribbon. You may choose to use less roses and less French wire leaves on your border or use fabric leaves all which will affect the price of your border kit. You may decide to not make the border at all or in the future. Pay only for what you are interested in using

Supply List: (Click HERE To Download)

Easy Supply List for Students to bring to class:

  • Pins with heads – at least 30 and more is better
  • Good scissors for cutting fabric and paper scissors
  • 6-inch measure or larger, ruler or tape measure;
  • Sharp chalk marker like a Clover Chacoliner or other chalk marker
  • Thimble, if you use one
  • Assortment of polyester thread in medium gray and flower colors
  • Your regular hand sewing supplies. No sewing machine is required.
  • Any and all additional ribbons or favorite fabric you have, please bring
  • Magnification/additional lighting for close work
  • A 13-inch or 17-inch square of your preferred background fabric for your block
  • Additional 1 ¼ yard of background fabric for borders (it can or does not have to match the background block fabric. Vines, roses and leaves will lay against this fabric).
  • Additional ¼ yard cuts of fabric with leaf prints for leaves for broderie perse so you have a selection to choose from

Make An Easy Working Fabric Board: (The Best Handy Tool You Will Ever Make For Your Sewing Self!)

  1. Take a square of foam board that is at least 2-inches larger on all sides than the background block.
  2. Cover it with a thin white or off-white batting or felt.
  3. Staple or glue the batting to the foam core.

NOTE: A square of corrugated cardboard instead of foam board can be used. The cardboard must be corrugated and cushy so that when you push a straight pin into the board the pin stands up. NO THIN PIZZA BOX CARDBOARD, please. This board takes 10 minutes to make. Also you can order a board pre-made for you from the teacher for $3.    

Supplies, ribbons, fabrics will be available for purchase from the teacher in the classroom as well.

Note: The entire wreath can be made monochromatic – from one color. If you want to do this, please notify me of your color choice so I can bring the color you need in ribbons . Making an album quilt of one color, for instance, all cream or all teal gives very elegant and effective results.

Questions for the teacher, please email cindyo@quiltersfancy.com or call 330-637-3106