#25 - “Reversible Table Topper" Two Day Machine Class Feb 7-8

Wed - Thu

finished photos will arrive soon...

finished photos will arrive soon...


Reversible Table Topper,using the pattern Radiance, Medallion V pattern by Eye of the Beholder Quilts - Margaret Brewster Willingham, www.eobquiltdesign.com

Myra has a unique method to share with you! What a beautiful design and you can make it your own! Students will trace design (36x36”) on to top fabric using pattern. Using fabric provided in kit, students will make quilt sandwich without batting. Kit will contain fabric lightly bonded to prevent shadowing. Students will then free motion sew or use a very narrow satin stitch over traced lines.  Proper thread selection will be discussed.  Students will be able to choose thread from selection provided by teacher and included in kit cost.  After design has been completed, students will begin cutting out top layers to expose under layer on both sides of the quilt.  We will discuss how to fix accidental cuts and how to use a permanent fabric glue.  Final quilting motifs will be discussed.

 It is recommend that students have taken a beginner “introduction to free motion applique class “ if they aren’t familiar with this method.

Reversible Red or Purple Table Topper Medallion by Machine

Required $50 kit includes: 7 different ¾ yards of fabric including backing, transfer paper and  matching threads that are appropriate for this project. A top stitch machine needle with be provided as well as matching fabric for the binding.

Supply List:

Sewing machine.  Either bring your personal machine that can sew either a fine narrow satin stitch or free motion stitch with appropriate feet or rent a machine at the TKDAA™.

Gloves for free motion quilting, Portable light, Top stitch needles size 80 and 90, Tweezers, Washable glue pen or stick, Sharp curved bladed embroidery scissors, smaller size is best, White chalk pencil for retracing lines if needed, Magic eraser for removing traced lines, Permanent fabric glue, Fine pins, Safety pins

I will have needles, chalk pencils, magic erasers, fabric glue for sale in the class room if you can’t find these items

finished photos will arrive soon...

finished photos will arrive soon...